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Responsive Web Design

Mobile First Design
Fluid Functional Readable Responsive
Tablet Technology
Desktop - Laptop

Fluid • Functional • Readable • Responsive

Developing a responsive website created to adapt to each device type, is no small task. As with all of our design work, we specialize in the customized needs and desires of our customer. Beginning with what is known as ‘mobile first design’ we craft a user experience tailored to mobile, tablet or desktop using custom CSS styles, thereby optimizing each page for the function of user experience while accessing a single source of content. Wow! That’s a mouthful’ In short - your site will adapt to your device of choice.

By beginning with the smallest common denominator, ‘the mobile screen size’, we are able to provide an intuitive user interface, which is easy to navigate while delivering your message and graphics effectively. From this position we are able to ‘scale up’ the web users experience taking maximum advantage of the increased screen size of tablets and desktop computers. A page design that resolves well on a mobile device, will also expand to the full pixel width of the desktop browser providing stunning graphics and presenting your products and service in unforgettable detail.

Many web companies today use canned ‘off the shelf’ templates for most all of their websites. At Visions we believe that you are unique and your web presence should reflect this. By crafting customized page templates, we are able to accommodate our customer’s specifications for not only a ‘one of a kind’ look and feel, but also for practical usability of each device and screen size. Our goal is to provide a visually intuitive web site with fast and easy to use navigation throughout.

Brand Driven Design

We know that much effort has gone into the development of your products and service with a focus on the needs of your customer. We also believe your web presence should present your product line with inspiration fueled by the excellence of your accomplishment. Our approach is to fully understand your goals and to take a client first attitude to the creative process.

CMS ‘Content Management Systems’ Feature Rich and Ready for Business!

Gone are the days of a static website which may only be modified and updated by programming in html. We believe the architecture of your site should feature easy page creation and updating of all content in order to keep pace with the needs of your growing business. Our customized CMS platform is feature rich including solutions for every need we have encountered to date. This includes easy to use, ‘admin panels’ designed for the management and administration of your site, by you. 

The benefits of forethought in our customization process means we are able to say yes to future needs instead of no! This long-term approach also includes the ability to optimize your site for search engine discovery and set the groundwork for a site that will provide internet-marketing opportunities for years to come.