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Amazing Growth Through Innovative "SEO" search engine optimization

Three years ago, I was approached by licensed attorney and law firm owner Stanley D. Prowse. Stan is a seasoned and talented lawyer who boasts a Harvard education and is tough as nails. However, not unlike many of his colleagues, Stan wasn’t equipped to adjust to the new reality that is advertising, especially with the aspect that the vast majority of marketing is now done online. What I saw in Stan’s firm was a massive potential for him to reach clients and show his worth, and within months, we made this potential a reality.

Five Star Review   Google+ Review      Stanley D. Prowse   29-Jan-2016

QuotesVisions Unlimited Advertising Design gave our firm the boost that it needed. Joe joined our team with a passion and energy that motivated the entire office to work towards achieving our goals in marketing, and achieve we did.Quotes

What did Stan and his team need the most? A website that was efficient and easy for them to navigate. So, that’s what we gave them. Through CMS ‘Content Management Systems’, we provided the Law Offices of Stanley D. Prowse with a website that was authentically theirs, and one that even the least tech savvy user would find easy to maneuver. Next, we catered to the needs of Stan’s clients. When someone is seeking legal counsel, whether their need is divorce, real estate, business law, or other legal issues, it is of paramount importance to make certain the client is heard. To aid in this process we developed for Stan a state-of-the-art Responsive Design site that is dynamically functional regardless of the users device. Visitors to this site are immediately provided with information that is both on topic and easy to understand regardless of the practice area that is selected. Important and pertinent statistics are paired with Stan’s comforting advice within the main topic section pages. As with any well structured library, the “Site Search” feature of his informational website, expedites a potential client directly to the key specific information needed within the well organized pages and various sections of the site.

Legal practice can be confusing; our goal has always been to help Stan present his wealth of knowledge with clear-cut and easy to understand answers to complicated issues. With the strategic placement of animated image sliders, we met the interest of potential clients with bite-sized sections of information paired with inviting graphics, making a likely stressful process as relaxing as possible.  Aside from photos, we embedded client testimonial videos on specific landing pages to provide evidence of the client satisfaction his firm produces.

Few legal authors are as well spoken as Family Law Attorney Stan Prowse. This fact allowed Visions Unlimited to developed a successful public relations campaign, featuring Stan as a regular guest speaker on a talk show radio segment titled, “Legal Eagle Radio”. These resulting radio segments have been included for audio listening on a wide selection of web pages within Stan’s website at stanprowse.com. This ability for potential clients to click and listen to Stan’s expert advice on a variety of legal topics has converted many web visitors into phone calls and clients alike.

Visions has also been able to leverage together enhanced web exposure with the coordination of social media platforms working together with Stan’s website. Perhaps most notably, by way of a WordPress Blog. If you take a read through Stan’s blog, you’ll be met by a voice that cannot belong to any other than Stanley Prowse. His presence is undeniable in his posts, and it allows for readers to gain true insight into his character and expertise. We coordinate our search engine optimization efforts together between blog posts, social media promotion and traditional outside magazine exposure, ensuring that someone searching for legal advice will in all likelihood end up either on Stan’s website or his blog.

With these new tools in the arsenal of Stan’s firm, his media relevance and internet presence blossomed. No longer was he an exclusively yellow-page lawyer that didn’t want to change with the times. This was a man that had decades of experience, now paired with vibrant and engaging advertising and marketing strategies. We brought life back to this firm, and its heart has been thumping nonstop ever since.